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How Many Types of Apples are there?
There are over 7000 types of apple grown throughout the world. There are too many types to list so the following information provides  important facts, details and descriptions of some of the most common and popular types of apple grown and produced in different counties - including the color, shape, size, texture and taste of the different types of apple. There are also various pictures of types of apple for your reference.

Types of Apples - Picture of Braeburn Apple

Types: Blenheim Orange Apples - This delicious English apple has a nutty flavor which makes it suitable for eating either raw or cooked, it is ideal for recipes such as apple crumble and apple charlotte. The name of this British apple derives from its place of origin - it was found growing in the gardens of Blenheim Palace, England.

Types: Braeburn Apples
- The skin of this apple is green in color, flushed with red. It is smooth, crisp, sweet and delicious - medium in size and perfect for eating raw. This apple requires lots of daylight so it typically grows better south of the equator.

Types: Cox's Orange Pippin - This apple is yellow - green with orange - red flushing. This is one of the most popular types of apple in the world as it is sweet but a little acidic, delicious, juicy, suitable for eating raw and baking -  excellent for making apple juice.

Braeburn Apples

Types of Apples - Picture of Cooking Apples

Types of Cooking Apples - Some types of apple, often large in size, are suitable only for cooking, although in some countries they are eaten raw too. This apple is best for baking and excellent to use for apple pie filling. Names of popular cooking apple types include:

Types: Bramley's Seedling Apple large, green, acidic, excellent for apple sauce and puree.

Grenadier Apple
Firm yellow skin, acidic, juicy and breaks down during cooking process.

Howgate Wonder Apple
One of the biggest apples in the world! Not great for cooking.

Reverend W.Wilkes Apple
large, light green color, acidic, keeps well, good for baking.

Cooking Apples

Types of Apples - Picture of Royal Gala Apple

Types: Crab Apples - This is one of the types used in apple drinks including cider. Its colorful bright skin can be shades of yellow, orange, red or green. This small apple is not usually eaten raw due to their strong sour taste and flavor. They are, however, great for making jellies as this kind of apple has a very high content of pectin.

Types: Crispin Apples - This is a large apple with light yellow green skin. It has firm skin with tasty white-cream flesh and has a fairly mild flavor; a nice, juicy variety.

Types: Discovery Apples - This was Great Britain's first commercially grown apple types. This is a beautiful looking fruit as it has striking, shiny red skin. The flesh and skin is very crisp and has a fantastic taste.

Gala Apples

Types of Apples - Picture of Russet Apple (Variety of Christmas Apple)

Types: Empire Apples - This apple originates from America. It has shiny, deep red skin with juicy, crisp green flesh. This American variety has a pleasant flavor and it is suitable for eating raw and cooking.

Types: Egremont Russet Apples - The Russet types are ideal for making apple juice as they are very sweet. As you can see from the Russet apple photo, they are different and unusual as these types are golden russet, light orange to brown in color. This skin in crisp and sweet. The water can evaporate from the apple because the skin is porous and rough. This increases the flavor of the apple which is quite nutty with the Russet types. These types of fruit are suitable for eating raw or cooking - a particularly good apple to serve with different types of cheese. The Egremonts are popular types of Russet.

Russet Apple



Types of Apples -  Picture of Granny Smith Apple

Types: Gala Apples - This apple originates from New Zealand. Its skin has varying shades of yellow, orange and red. Royal Gala apples are very similar to Galas despite their skin being completely red. Gala apple is juicy, crisp, sweet and a popular choice, ideal for children and ideal for cooking or eating fresh and raw straight from the tree.

Types: Golden Delicious Apples - This apple originated from America but is now grown in many countries, its skin is green and slightly speckled - fairly pale in color. A common variety as it is sweet, juicy, mild, ideal for kids, good for cooking or eating raw.

Granny Smith Apples - This apple comes originates from Australia, it is very popular and commonly recognized by its bright green skin which yellows as the apple matures. Granny Smiths are firm, crunchy, crisp, juicy and versatile as it can be cooked or eaten raw.

Granny Smith Apples

Types of Apples -  Picture of Golden Delicious Apple

Types: Honeycrisp Apples - This is an American apple which was developed by the university of Minnesota. Its a nice eating apple as it has a sweet, tart flavor with a crisp texture. Its skin is red with some green flushing.

Types: Jazz Apples - Also known as the Scifresh apple, this type originates from New Zealand but it now grown in a variety of countries across the world. It has a mixture of red and green color skin and tastes similar to the Royal Gala.

Types: Jonathan Apples - This is a small size apple which originates from North America. This is one of the types which can be either eaten raw or used for cooking. It has orange red colored skin with nice, juicy, slightly acidic white flesh.

Golden Delicious Apples

Types of Apples - Picture of Pink Lady Apple

Types: Macoun Apples - It originates from New York, America, considered one of the best eating apples in the world. It has sweet, juicy, white flesh with lovely deep red skin.

Types: McIntosh Apples - This apple originates from Canada and is widely grown throughout North America. It has deep red, very shiny skin which can be a little tough and waxy. The flesh is a little soft and tastes wonderful.

Types: Pink Lady Apples - This medium size apple has a wonderful taste, it originates from Austrailia. They cost a little more than many other available types, however, their delicious flavor constitutes it! This is a sweet apple which makes an ideal snack for anyone, particularly kids as they are sweet but offer excellent nutritional value! The skin if yellow green with bright red pink flushing.

Pink Lady Apples


Apple Nutrition: Cooking with Different Types of Apples
Apples are used in many recipes across the world. Some of the most popular dishes include apple sauce, salads such as Waldorf salad, desserts, hot and cold puddings such as baked apples, strudels, turnovers, cakes, pies, crumbles, tarts, toffee apples, candied apples - whatever the occasion, an apple recipe can be suitably used. This fruit makes an excellent accompaniment to cheese, other fruits such as cranberries and raisins, cinnamon and spices, poultry such as chicken, red meats and vegetables.

Apples are often used as part of the main Christmas or Thanksgiving dinners. For more recipe ideas, instructions and information about how to cook apples, please see apple recipes which are easy to follow and provide instruction on how to puree, dry and bake apples, as well as some of the most popular recipes to make at home.


Health experts and nutritionists believe that a well-balanced diet that includes at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day will help to considerably improve our lifestyles and ultimately extend our lives

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