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Potato Nutrition: Nutritional Value

Potatoes are full of nutrition, they provide carbohydrates, good carbs that the body copes with well. They are a rich source of vitamin C, and also provide vitamin B, potassium and iron. Potatoes are rich in nutrition and essential health benefiting vitamins and nutrients which help our organs to function better and energize the body. This root vegetable is very filling and great to eat as part of a calorie controlled diet. Potatoes provide goodness, particularly the potato skin which contains the most nutrients and vitamins, along with the layer directly beneath the skin. It is important not to peel the skin unnecessarily as it should be cooked and eaten whenever possible. Peeling the skin will reduce the health benefits and nutritional value of this healthy vegetable.

Potato Nutrition: Nutritional Information and and Health Benefits
Potatoes offer excellent health benefits. This vegetable is unique and quite different to other vegetables as it is used to accompany meat and fish as a main part of a meal, accompanied by other vegetables. Potato can be eaten on its own, and is often done so as a jacket or baked potato. Baking a potato is very simple but also very healthy, so many people will bake potatoes, in the oven or microwave, as a healthy lunch or dinner option full of nutrition. They are filling and there are only approximately 136 calories in a baked potato with skin. Potatoes are so versatile that they can be added to stews, broths, salads and used to make potato soup.

Potato Nutrition: Facts and Health Benefits

  • Nutrition Fact: There are more than 400 types of potato; ranging in size, color and appearance, and potato provides a rich source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients; these healthy vegetables are particularly high in vitamin C
  • Potatoes nutrition: very versatile and can be cooked in many ways - baking, roasting, boiling, steaming, mashing, frying, scalloping, microwaving, saut�ing
  • Potato nutrition: originates from South America where it was discovered by famous explorers - Irish settlers introduced the potato to North America
  • Potato skin is the healthiest part as it contains the most nutrition and vitamins


Potato Nutrition Comparison: Nutritional Benefits and Information
Potatoes are healthy root vegetables that remain healthy when cooked in the right way! The amount of calories in potato depends on the way that it's cooked, for example if the potato is baked, grilled, roasted, fried, scalloped, steamed or boiled. The following calorie guide can be used to calculate the amount of calories in potato:

Nutrition Information: Calories in Potatoes per 100 grams:

Calories Baked Potato with skin nutrition - 136 calories
Calories Baked Potato without skin nutrition - 77 calories
Peeled and boiled Potato nutrition -  72 calories
Mashed Potato with milk and butter nutrition - 104 calories
Roasted Potato in oil nutrition - 149 calories

Potato Nutrition: Facts and Nutrition Info
Potato Definition: a potato is an edible root vegetable that is grown underground and is very versatile as it's adaptable to almost any cooking method. Potatoes come in different colors and sizes and there are more than 400 varieties of potatoes grown. Potatoes have distinct, delicious flavors which vary dependant on the way it is cooked, i.e. cooked in water, oil, mixed with dairy products such as milk, butter or cheese which add a delicious creamy texture and taste to potato recipes.

Potato Nutrition: History and Information about Vitamins, Nutrition and Health Benefits
The history of the potato started in South America where this healthy vegetable originated. There are a few suggestions as to which famous explorer actually discovered the potato. Many say that is was Sir Walter Raleigh, however, it has been suggested that it could have been Sir Francis Drake in 1586 after he had battled in the Caribbean against the Spaniards. After the battle, he stopped in Cartagena, Northern Columbia which is where he picked up potato tubers (as well as tobacco) and he transported this extraordinary vegetable, which was to become a vital part of the human diet, to England.

It was in Britain that this healthy root vegetable was favored by Queen Elizabeth. However, the potato wasn't favored by everybody straight away and unfortunately for the people of that time, the health benefits of the potato remained undiscovered. Some were very curious of this unusual root vegetable as it was grown underground and they didn't believe that the potato fully matured whilst growing under the ground! Some people held the opinion that the potato shouldn't be eaten as it wasn't mentioned in the Bible and therefore couldn't be healthy or good for you.

History has seen the potato labelled as being the food of the poor. However, despite the nutritional benefits being unrecognized, the popularity of the potato grew and became one of the main foods of Ireland by 1650. We can all understand the importance of the potato and history saw the Irish potato famine when there was the failure of crops in 1845 caused by an airborne fungus. This healthy starchy vegetable began replacing the main crop, wheat, throughout Europe.

Finally somebody recognized the health benefits and the nutritional value of potatoes - a Frenchman by the name of Antoine-Auguste Parmentier who was a military pharmacist. He thought that this vegetable would be particularly beneficial to the poor as it was easy to grow, simple to cook and very nutritional. Parmientier gained permission to grow the potato on royal grounds and slowly, people of all classes began to eat potatoes. The word parmientier means 'with potato'.

Potato Nutrition: List of Varieties and Cooking Methods - Vitamins, Health Benefits and Nutrition
There are over 400 varieties and types of potato. There are white potato, purple potato and red skinned potatoes readily available which are versatile enough to meet any cooking requirement. The following information, which is provided in a chart for your convenience, provides a useful guide to the most popular potatoes that are used in potato recipes and the cooking method recommended for the particular variety of potato:


Type of Potato Suitable Cooking Method
Types of New Potatoes  
Jersey Royal Boiled, Steamed (served with butter)
Maris Bard Boiling, Saut�ing
Maris Peer Boiling, Saut�ing (Good for salads)
Calingford Boiled
Types of Main Crop Potatoes  
Desiree Baked, Chipped, Mashed and Roasted
Estima Versatile and good with any cooking method
Maris Piper Baking, Roasting, Saut�ing, Mashing and Chipping
Pentland Dell Bake, Roast, Mash (Tends to disintegrate when boiled)
Romano Chipping, Mashing, Roasting, Saut�ed (Good with any cooking method)
Wilja Mashing
Golden Wonder (Russet) Making Crisps, Chips and Fries, Baking, Boiling, Roasting, Mashing
King Edward / Red King Edward Baked, Roasted, Mashed, Chipped  (Disintegrates when boiled)
Other Varieties of Potato  
Cara Baked, Boiled, Saut�ed (Good for all cooking methods)
Finger Potatoes / Fingerlings Boiled, Saut�ed (Great for salad or with butter)
Linzer Delikatess Saut�ed, Boiled (Great for salad)
La Ratte Saut�, Boil (Great for salad)
Pink Fir Apple Saut�ed, Boiled
Truffe de Chine (Purple) Boiled, Saut�ed (Lovely in salads)
Purple Congo (Purple-blue) Boil ,Saut� (Served with butter)


Potato Nutrition: Facts and Info
Picking and Storage
to Retain Vitamins, Health Benefits and Nutrition

Potatoes vary in color from white potato, yellow potato, pink potato, red potato and purple potato. Look for potatoes that are fresh and are not bruised or marked. They should feel firm and not limp or soft.

Potatoes should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place in a paper potato bag or sack. If the potatoes are in a plastic polythene bag, remove them when you get home as this causes humidity and the potatoes will start to sprout and lose their nutrition quickly.


Health experts and nutritionists believe that a well-balanced diet that includes at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day will help to considerably improve our lifestyles and ultimately extend our lives

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