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Varieties of Pears
There are approximately 5000 kinds of Varieties of Pears grown throughout the world, although many remain unknown to us as we are restricted to the types sold in our supermarkets or our own home grown varieties. This fruit is seasonal which means that certain varieties may not be available in all countries, all year round. However, the following pear varieties list contains some of the most common types, as well as a few that you may know little about:

Varieties of Pears: Pears Varieties List

Varieties of Asian Pears: Another name given to Asian varieties is Nashi Varieties of Pears. There are many types of Asian varieties of pears but they are generally very similar. Unlike the usual pear shape, Asian varieties are round with russet golden-brown skin. The texture of the fruit is crisp, juicy and the flesh is white. In a similar sense to apples, this particular variety is also crunchy, therefore, it is best eaten raw so that the fruit can be enjoyed in its natural state. Asian varieties of pears make a great addition to winter salads and fruit salads. They can be enjoyed as a healthy snack or desert.

Varieties of Perry Pears: There are approximately 300 named varieties of Perry pears although many are unknown to us as they are not commonly sold in shops. This fruit has been used over the years for alcoholic pear drinks where they have been pressed and juiced for use in wine or champagne. This variety has a bitter taste even when it is cooked.

Varieties of Tientsin Pears: This type originate from Korea and China, the taste and texture make these Chinese and Korean varieties very similar to the Nashi or Asian varieties of pears. They are available to eat whilst Asian varieties are out of season. The skin is very similar to that of a pale apple as it is pale yellow and slightly speckled. The shape is somewhere between round and slightly larger at the bottom, narrowing at the top like the common pear with long thin stems. The texture and taste is lovely as this fruit is crunchy and contains a lot of juice - very quenching on a summer's day.

Varieties of Hosui Pears: This pear type is similar to varieties of apples in appearance as they are more rounded in shape than the common pear. The taste is also closer to that of an apple than the usual sweet pear. The Hosui variety is juicy and crunchy, they are similar to Tientsins in this sense.


Varieties of Pears

  • Varieties of Pears: This picture is of a conference pear which is one of the most popular British varieties. Delicious, juicy, sweet and crunchy - this pair is versatile enough to use in all sorts of tasty recipes - both desert and main meals. This is a popular British favorite, green on the outside with patches of russet whilst being creamy white on the inside.

  • Varieties of Pears: For more important information including facts, nutritional value, and the health benefits of different varieties of pears, please see the main pear page which covers the essential nutrition facts about this wonderful fruit which has been around for centuries!

Conference Pears

List of Varieties of Pears: Individual Varieties of Pears

Varieties of Anjou Pears: This is a large size fruit which is sweet and juicy. It can be eaten raw or cooked. This pear has yellow - green colored skin with russetting or speckles similar to other varieties of pears.

Varieties of Barlett Pears: This variety is known as Williams Bon Chretien in some parts of the world. In America they are named Barlett Pears. They do not take the common pear shape as they are often bigger on one side of its stalk. The skin is yellow with some russet or red tinge to it. This particular fruit type contains a lot of juice. The flesh is white and sweet, perhaps a little musky. They are versatile so they are ideal for cooking for eating raw. This type should be eaten fairly quickly after picking or purchasing as they do not last long before going off.

Varieties of Beth Pears: Similar to the Barlett Pears, this variety also has tastes great with it juicy pear flavor and texture. This type keeps fairly well, staying fresher for longer than some other types.

Varieties of Beurre D'Anjou Pears: This variety is also known by the names D'Anjou and Anjou Pears. The fruit is believed to have originated from either France or Belgium. There are green and red varieties of Anjou, both are medium to large in size shaped like the usually pear shape, being wider at the bottom than top. Its taste is deliciously sweet, flavored, aromatic with a juice texture. The puree can be used to create the pear flavor of jelly beans.

Varieties of Beurre Hardi and Bosc Pears: The skin of the hardi or bosc pears remains green to gold in color until maturity, when this fruit develops and ripens it becomes completely yellow and russet. The name of this pear means buttered which reflects the marvellous buttery texture of its flesh which is also very juicy and firm. Both of these Hardi and Bosc pears are ideal for cooking or eating raw. They have a particularly sweet flavor which is delicious, sometimes it can incorporate as taste of acidity.

Varieties of Beurre Superfin Pears: This pear variety is fairly large in size and slightly rounded. The skin is uneven, it is light yellow green colored which turns to russet as the fruit ripens. It is particularly juicy with a buttery but firm texture. The flesh is white - cream with a very enjoyable sweet flavor.

Varieties of Cactus Pears: Otherwise known by the name of prickly pears, cacti pears, tuna or cacti fib. Please note that there is a separate page with interesting information and facts all about Prickly Pears, their nutritional benefits and how to prepare and serve them.

Varieties of Conference Pears: This is one of the British varieties of pears, please see the information above alongside the Conference Pear Picture towards the top of this page.

Varieties of Comice Pears: Also known by the full name Doyenne du Comice. This is perhaps one of the best varieties as it is simply delicious, creamy, sweet and melts in your mouth. They are best raw so that the flavor can be fully appreciated. It's a large fruit which has yellow to green, thick, speckled skin with some russet patches. This pear is excellent served with camerbert or brie.

Varieties of Forelle Pears: This type makes a delicious accompaniment to cheese as its flesh has a nice, crisp texture. It is also lovely when cooked. This pear is golden with deep red coloring on one side.

Varieties of Josephine de Malines Pears: This pear originates from France, its French history dating back to the 1800s. The fruit is of average size with yellow green colored skin with patches of russet and red tinting. The flesh contains a lot of juice, it is white to pink in color. This variety keeps well unlike some other kinds.

Varieties of Merton Pride Pears: This pear has yellow skin with speckles. It is very tasty indeed as it's one of the sweetest and juciest.

Varieties of Onward Pears: This pear has ribbed skin so many people prefer to peel its skin away before eating the fruit. The skin is a mixture of yellow, green, red coloring with russet. Its a very nice flavored pear which has white creamy flesh that is sweet, juicy and soft. The shape of this fruit is fairly round.

Varieties of Packham's Triumph Pears: This pear originates from Australia, its Australian history dating back to the late 1800s. Its skin is green and smooth with slight russet patches. When the pear begins to mature and ripen, the skin changes to a yellow color. This is a sweet fruit which has delicious white, soft flesh.

Varieties of Passacrena Pears: This varieties skin is yellow to green with russet patches. The flesh is granular but it is sweet flavored and juicy nonetheless.

Varieties of Red Williams Varieties of Pears: Once this varieties skin has ripened it turns yellow with a tinge of red, however, whilst it is still in the growing process, it has green skin with a hint of red. This pear has speckled skin. It is a sweet variety which is nice and juicy.

Varieties of Rocha Pears: This fruit is one of the varieties of pears from Portugal, it has green to yellow colored skin with russet patches. The stem is surrounded by brown markings. This is a sweet fruit, the flesh is firm and white, and it keeps well.


Varieties of Seckel Pears: This pear originates from America. It is one of the smallest varieties of pears. It is very sweet and delicious tasting. Sometimes, due to the fact that they are so sweet, they are known by the name of sugar pears. They are very small with rounded shapes, fuller at the bottom whilst narrowing at the top, towards the stem. In fact, this type is so small that it can be canned whole! This is one of the most popular American varieties of pears, it is yellow to green in color with flushes of red.

Varieties of Winter Nelis Pears: This average size fruit is round in shape with yellow to green coloured skin with a tinge of red and russet spots. These pears are ideal for eating raw or various methods of cooking. This varieties flesh is soft, cream - white in color and like typical varieties of pears, its sweet, juicy and delicious.


Health experts and nutritionists believe that a well-balanced diet that includes at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day will help to considerably improve our lifestyles and ultimately extend our lives

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