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Citrus Fruit Nutrition: Health Benefits and Nutritional Value of Citrus Fruit
Citrus Fruit are a range of brightly colored fruits which grow on trees. The nutritional value of lemon is high as this citrus fruit is an antioxidant which can detox and cleanse the body. This healthy citrus fruit has been used for centuries for preserving health and fighting off numerous illnesses and diseases. The vitamin C in lemon is very high and just a few drops can benefit health considerably.

Citrus Fruit Nutrition: Facts and Health Benefits of Citrus Fruit
Many years ago, lemon was used to prevent scurvy, which is a potentially fatal vitamin C deficiency disease which can cause muscle deterioration, bleeding gums and bruising to the skin. Sailors, for example, who wouldn't consume any essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients from food for long periods of time, would carry lemons with them. Just a tablespoon of lemon juice on a daily basis could prevent scurvy. 


Citrus Fruit Nutrition: Nutritional Information of Citrus Fruit
Vitamin C strengthens the immune system helping our bodies to fight off illnesses including not only the common cold and flu, but also major diseases such as cancer. Lemon peel contains antioxidants which are believed to have profound effects on the human body. Further studies will reveal more as time goes by, however, these antioxidants are thought to reduce the effects of harmful cells, therefore, having the power to fight away cancerous changes.

Citrus Fruit Nutrition: Calories and Carbs Content of Citrus Fruit
The carbohydrates, fat, calories in lemon are low, particularly when compared with many other types of fruit, please refer to the bottom of this page for lemon calorie and carb information. Calories in a whole lemon: 19 Carbs in a whole lemon: 3.2 An excellent way to reap lemon benefits is to simply squeeze a few drops into tea, or a glass water, a little sugar can be added to sweeten. This is an ideal healthy drink to have in the morning to really kick start your day

Citrus Fruit Nutrition: Facts and Health Benefits of Citrus Fruit
Lime has high nutritional value as this fruit is particularly rich in vitamin C. Sometimes it's too tangy to eat, however, vitamin C is very important as it helps us to fight against illness, as well as the common cold and flu. This is because this vitamin heals the body and helps it to function better by strengthening our immune systems.

Try adding a few drops of lime juice to cordial as this is an excellent way of reaping the benefits from this fruit - particular for kids who will love lime water or soda. Lime also provides vitamin A, iron and calcium, although no where near the level of vitamin C which the fruits contains. There are three different types of lime which are as follows:

Key Lime Citrus Fruit Nutrition - this variety is a pale, yellow green color citrus fruit which is very strong, sharp and juicy.

Mexican Lime Citrus Fruit Nutrition - this citrus type has bright green skin, it's quite a small variety with a strong but aromatic flavor.

Tahitan Lime Citrus Fruit Nutrition - this citrus fruit has a strong taste, it is acidic and larger in size than the Mexican type. It has place colored flesh.

Citrus Fruit Nutrition: Facts about Vitamin Content of Citrus Fruit
There are lots of grapefruit nutrition facts to take into consideration when planning a healthy diet with citrus fruits. The health benefits of grapefruit are high as this fruit provides a rich a source of antioxidants making it a powerful detoxifier. The vitamins in grapefruit include vitamin B3, B5, C and E. The fruit's vitamin C content is very high, this is a very important vitamin as it can assist the body in many ways. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, helping our bodies to combat colds, flu and even major illnesses. Vitamin C provides healing powers which help our bodies to repair damaged or broken skin.

Citrus Fruit Nutrition:
The nutritional value of grapefruit can be very beneficial to us as the fruit provides many essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The bioflavonoids and potassium in grapefruit is also high, especially in pink varieties, properties which aid circulation and the heart. This fruit is high in fibre and the grapefruit pulp provides pectin which is a soluble fibre. Pectin can assist the body by helping it to eradicate cholesterol and toxins. The natural grapefruit fibre can encourage the digestive system significantly, consequently encouraging healthy weight loss. It can also relieve constipation. Grapefruit seeds provide compounds which are anti-fungal and can be taken in grapefruit seed extract form.

Health experts and nutritionists believe that a well-balanced diet that includes at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day will help to considerably improve our lifestyles and ultimately extend our lives

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