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What Are Calories?
Calories Definition -  Calories are a measurement solely of energy, not fat. The scientific name of a calorie is kilocalorie (kCal)

Calories in Fruit
Eating a controlled diet of healthy foods which are low calorie can really help to lose weight; especially when the low calorie diet is combined with exercise as this can result in quick weight loss. The following calories chart give a specific guide to the amount of calories in fruit and this easy, quick reference and information will give you a really good idea of how many calories are in food and what different types of fruit contain. The calorie charts will enable you to plan your diet and count calories. As you will see from the calorie guide and charts, the amount of calories in fruit can vary significantly depending on the method in which they are served. For example, if the fruit is cooked, dried, in syrup or juice which can add calories to the fruit and make it a high calorie food item. Therefore, it is important to choose the healthiest cooking or serving method for the fruit.

Calories in Fruit: Daily Allowance
When dieting healthily, always set yourself realistic targets. If you are planning a calorie controlled diet you must remember that it is not about starving yourself and making yourself feel unhappy, it is about being healthy, eating the right foods and feeling good, energetic and vibrant! Fruits are great for making you feel and look good as they are a rich source of vitamins and nutrients, providing the body with nutritional benefits that boost our health, energize the body and keep skin looking young, fresh and great. Fruit is healthy and we can eat as many different fruits as we like!

The recommended amount of calories that female and male adults require on a daily basis and weekly basis are as follows:

Male Adult 2550 per day, 17850 per week
Female Adult 1940 per day, 13580 per week

Facts About Calories in Fruit?

  • The amount of kcals reqiured per day for an adult male / man is 2550
  • The amount of kcals needed per day for an adult female / woman is 1940
  • They are also known as Kilocalories and kCal
  • The amount of calories in fruit depends on the serving method
  • Fruit calories are a measurement of energy, not fat


Calories in Fruit A-Z Chart
The following calorie chart provides you with an alphabetical list that is easy to understand. Simply check through the lists for the relevant food item for which you require information and look for the serving or cooking method that you will be using for fruits:


A-Z Alphabetical List of Fruits and Cooking Description Calories per 100 grams of Fruit
Apples / Apple Calories of Fruit  
Raw Apple - skin and flesh 45
Cooked Apple - Stewed without sugar 33
Apricots / Apricot Calories of Fruit  
Raw Apricot - skin and flesh


Canned Apricot in syrup 63
Canned Apricot in juice 34
Dried Apricots 158
Avocados / Avocado Calories (Avocado Pear Calories)  
Raw Avocado flesh


Bananas / Banana Calories of Fruit  
Raw Banana


Dried Banana chips


Blackberry / Blackberries Calories of Fruit  
Cooked Blackberries - stewed without sugar 21
Canned Blackberries in juice


Blackcurrant / Blackcurrants Calories of Fruit  
Cooked Blackcurrants - stewed without sugar 21
Canned Blackcurrants in juice 32
Cherry / Cherries Calories of Fruit  
Raw Cherries - skin and flesh 48
Canned Cherries in syrup 71
Coconuts / Coconut Calories of Fruit  
Raw Coconut flesh 340
Creamed Coconut 669
Desiccated Coconut 604

Coconut milk

Cranberry / Cranberries Calories of Fruit  
Raw Cranberries 55
Dried Cranberries 319
Currant / Currants Calories of Fruit  
Currants 267
Damsons / Damson Calories of Fruit  
Raw Damson - flesh and skin 38
Date / Dates Calories of Fruit  
Raw Dates - flesh and skin


Dried Dates - flesh and skin


Fig / Figs Calories of Fruit  
Raw figs - flesh and skin 122
Dried figs - flesh and skin 227
Fruit Cocktail Calories of Fruit  
Canned Fruit Cocktail in juice 29
Canned Fruit Cocktail in syrup 57
Gooseberry / Gooseberries Calories of Fruit  
Canned Gooseberries in syrup


Grapefruits / Grapefruit Calories of Fruit  
Raw Grapefruit flesh


Canned Grapefruit in juice


Grapes / Grape Calories of Fruit  
Raw Grapes red & white (seedless)


Guavas / Guava Calories of Fruit  
Raw Guava


Canned Guava in syrup


Fruit Calorie List

A-Z Alphabetical List of Fruits and Cooking Description Calories per 100 grams
Kiwis / Kiwi Calories of Fruit  
Raw Kiwi fruit flesh 49
Lemons / Lemon Calories of Fruit  
Raw whole lemon 19
Lychee / Lychees Calories of Fruit  
Raw Lychee 58
Canned Lychee in syrup 68
Mandarin Oranges / Mandarin Oranges Calories of Fruit  
Canned Mandarin Oranges in juice


Canned Mandarin Oranges in syrup


Mangos / Mango Calories of Fruit  
Raw mango flesh 57
Canned mango in syrup 57
Melons / Melon Calories of Fruit  
Cantaluope Melon Calories 19
Galie Melon Calories 24
Honeydew Melon Calories


Watermelon Calories


Nectarine / Nectarines Calories of Fruit  
Raw Nectarine - skin and flesh


Oranges / Orange Calories of Fruit  
Raw Orange flesh


Papayas / Papaya Calories of Fruit  
Canned Papaya in juice


Passion Fruit / Passion Fruits Calories  
Raw Passion fruit flesh


Peaches / Peach Calories of Fruit  
Raw Peach - skin and flesh


Canned Peach in juice


Canned Peach in syrup


Pears / Pear Calories of Fruit  
Raw Pear - skin and flesh


Canned Pear in juice


Canned Pear in syrup


Prickly Pear / Cactus Pear / Cacti Pear

48 (per prickly pear)

Pineapples / Pineapple Calories of Fruit  
Raw Pineapple flesh


Canned Pineapple in juice


Canned Pineapple in syrup


Dried Pineapple chunks


Plums / Plum Calories of Fruit  
Raw Plums - skin and flesh


Canned Plums in syrup


Prune / Prunes Calories of Fruit  
Canned Prunes in juice


Canned Prunes in syrup


Dried Prunes


Raisin / Raisins Calories of Fruit  


Raspberry / Raspberries Calories of Fruit  
Raw Raspberries - skin and flesh


Canned Raspberries in juice


Canned Raspberries in syrup


Rhubarb Calories of Fruit  
Raw Rhubarb - skin and flesh


Rhubarb stewed without sugar


Frozen Rhubarb


Canned Rhubarb in syrup


Satsuma / Satsumas Calories of Fruit  
Raw Satsuma flesh


Strawberry / Strawberries Calories of Fruit  
Raw Strawberry - skin and flesh


Canned Strawberries in syrup


Sultana / Sultanas Calories of Fruit  


Tangerines / Tangerines Calories of Fruit  
Raw Tangerine flesh




Facts About Kcals in Fruits?

  • The amount of kcals required per day for an adult male man is 2550

  • The amount of kcals needed per day for an adult female woman is 1940

  • They are also known as Kilocalories and kCal

  • The amount of kcals in fruit depends on the serving method of food

  • Fruit Kilocalories are a measurement of energy, not fat


Health experts and nutritionists believe that a well-balanced diet that includes at least five portions of fruit and Fruit per day will help to considerably improve our lifestyles and ultimately extend our lives

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